Monday, September 2, 2013

How To Hide Data Behind An Image

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How To Hide Data Behind An Image

Today I will tell you a trick with this you can hide your text file or data behind an image. You can send secret and important message behind an image. So follow my steps to do this.

How To Hide Text File Behind Image [hacking Trick]:
1. First of all make a text file and put your data in this file after that give it a suitable name, like I am giving it message.txt
2. Now use WinRar software and make a rar file of this text file, now in my case my rar file's name is message.rar
3. Now choose an image behind which you want to hide your image.
4. Now open Command Prompt.
5. In Command Prompt type this command
copy /b image.jpg + message.rar hidden.jpg
6. Now hidden.jpg is new image file, its look simple image file but it contain secret text file.
7. To see this secret file just open WinRar and open your new image file in this software, it will show you your message.txt file.

So in this way you can hide your secret data or text file behind an image file, share it if you like.


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