Monday, August 12, 2013

Top 10 Windows Phone App 2013

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Windows Store Contain more than 1.5 Million Apps. In Windows phone you will get pre-loaded apps but some 3rd party apps are also available that are really good. So, I made a list of top 10 Windows Phone App.

1. WhatsApp
This app don't need any introduction. It is available for almost every platform. You can use this app by using Internet.With this you can send free messages, videos, audio, notes from WhatsApp to WhatsApp in any country.

2. SkyDrive
It is a free cloud service provided by Microsoft. You can upload your data and access it from anywhere.

3. gMaps pro
This service is provided by Google. This is not an official app but very good to track and find paths. You can get your location and get directions to destination.

Its a music service, basically it is a radio app who provide you channels according to your taste.

5. Skype
Its most popular video calling app. Skype is owned by Microsoft. It contain metro style with cool and simple graphics.

6. Facebook
Facebook is most popular Social Network. You can share everything with friends like pictures, videos, Events. You can send messages, can chat, can follow, can make pages and groups.

7. Wikipedia
Its a free encyclopedia. It support 280 languages and contain 20 million articles. This app is available in two mode offline and online. So you can increase your knowledge with this app.

8. Yelp
It s one of the most interesting app. It will give you results on the basis of review. You can find social places on this. You can also search nearby business with this amazing app.

9. Indigo
Its like sister product of Siri. Its a voice enabled personal assistant. Its very good for time pass.

10. Twitter
Twitter is another popular social networking site. With Twitter app you can see your conversations. You can access your more and more twitter account at a time and will get clean and clear interface. 


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