Monday, July 15, 2013

5 Best Search Engines For Android [Download]

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Search Engines are necessary for Web Search and Internet Surfing. There are lots of Search Engines present in our internet world, I select 5 Best Search Engines for Android Tablet/Phones. Below is the list with some description.

Top 5 Search Engines For Android:

Google Search Engine

Google is best search engine of the internet world. No doubt it is also best for Android. Within one second it shows result from millions of websites. It also shows most accurate and relevant result, so for navy user it is best to use.


This software is the part of Microsoft. Very nice interface and many other interesting features are present in Bing. So I think this is also a good option for Android.

Duck Duck Go

This is a new search engine but provide very unique feature like anonymous search. Duck Duck Go never track any user and not save any search data, they save there money of data storage and provide us privacy.

Yahoo Search

Yahoo is also a good option but personally I don't like it very much. It provide voice search feature and provide support in more than 60 languages.


Yandex is very much popular in russia. It is also a very good search engine, so I think you can try it once.


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